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    The Multiplayer - Your Feedback and Suggestions

    Hello everyone,

    as some fans suggested during a recent Community Corner stream, you can now find here one thread for all your feedback regarding the multiplayer of Anno 1800.

    Feel free to share negative as well as positive feedback but also your wishes and suggestions for the future (e.g. the option to send gifts to fellow player) - basically everything that comes to mind regarding the multiplayer features!

    If anything's unclear, feel free to also post your questions here

    The Anno team
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    Stop dragging around and bring us Coop soon.
    What in the worlds name are you waiting about.
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    Hey guys!

    You've done an amazing job with Anno1800! I completely love the game. Just one question. In Anno1400 there were a feature where you can play co-op on the same city, instead of having one city each and play as a team. That was such a great feature in Anno1400. That's pretty much the only thing I'm really missing in this game. I use to play that kind of co-op with a friend and we have so much fun with it. Will this be a feature thing in Anno1800 as well?

    Best regards

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    Concerned Citizen

    My only concern is that with the release of all these new and upcoming features and DLCs will continue to delay the release of Co-op mode. It was said somewhere that Co-op mode for Anno 1800 requires extensive changes and updates to some of the game's core code... wouldn't these new features and add-ons continue to complicate these changes and further delay Co-op mode?

    Current multiplayer without Co-op requires very little interaction with friends and others, and as such I haven't played the game since launch. I love Anno, but I love playing Anno with friends even more. I'm looking forward to its eventual release.
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    fix desync
    fix not being able to resume a game if one person leaves
    fix if someone drops out but then rejoins they are not able to do any diplomacy with anyone, so a state of perpetual war may exist
    fix neverending lobby search for a game
    add a lobby chat
    add public game rooms
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    fix the op suicide ships into harbor tactic of multiplayer
    if a defender wins a siege, the siege should end asap so that if the harbor blew up they can fix their economy sooner

    give harbors more HP if you upgrade them

    make some items for harbormaster that give the harbor more hp or increases range where you can build walls?
    make sea walls less expensive
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    Regarding trade routes etc


    First of all I just want to say that Anno 1800 is a great game and that you have done a really good job so far! Absolutely love it

    Regarding trade routes and which pier / harbor to load goods, I think that the new system is a little clunky. The old one from Anno 1404 worked pretty good IMO. What if you could have an option where you could choose which one you would like, in the options menu for example or just on the trade route menu? Then you could easily choose which piers / which side of the island that the trade route should unload goods, but you could also use the new system to create a different path just like the system is designed to do now.
    It would also be great that when you click a certain pier, it would tell you which trade routes are connected to that side of the island or to those piers. Maybe a new building for advancement in trade routes similar to the bailwick in anno 1404 where you could see trade route stats - just in this example for the trade routes you have active, how many trade routes, how many ships, how many different goods are being traded etc. Maybe an average on how fast all your ships are and how many ships that have items that makes them faster!. Overall, just a bit more expanded and more options to the trade menu. It would really be helpful lategame when u have loads of stuff going on and a huge number of ships and trade routes!

    Looking forward to future updates and co-op and also statistics building for production
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    Multiplayer Feedback

    Hey guys

    Anno 1800 is definetly the best of all Annos so far. Anno 1400 is probably my favourite number 2.

    I am not a Free for All fan because I love the economy base gameplay and building beautiful cities and working on the economy rather than War.
    However it is a great change every now and then.
    I am really looking forward to the CO OP mode as me and my partner would love to play together on the same city rather than facing each other etc.
    I do have a suggestion for the CO OP mode:
    The coop mode should have a feature where multiple players can play on the same city. If this feature comes with 2, 3 or 4 players this should be up to you guys. but as long as it has 2 we are happy
    Also Anno 1800 can be played a very long time on each city, and in order to play this online with friends or strangers, please try and have a feature, which allows, that the map may be played by eather 1, 2, 3 or 4 players according to the number of players you choose to have.
    This means, if one of the friends is not available, we can still continue to play. or if I want to play for a few hours before my partner comes home and then she joins me again, this would be a great feature.
    It could be difficult to have a coop game where it is compulsary to have the same players on, that started when the map was created.

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    Hey, really appreciate how open you guys have been with the community, and how you have taken your time to release a beautiful completed game.

    Are there any plans for a commuter pier mechanic for the new world?
    Also a unique new world megastructure would give added purpose to the new world experience. Maybe something like a cathedral, inspired from Latin America.
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