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    Unable to find supported text language

    Been having the same problem as many other people here in regards to the language pack.
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    Ubi-Matcha's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    May 2018
    Hey there, I've applied the fix to your account.
    Please now complete the following steps:

    1- Exit out of Uplay completely. You may need to close the application from the Task Bar.
    2- Locate the game's install folder. By default, it is: C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft\gamesWATCH_DOGS
    3- Rename game folder to Watch_Dogs_Patch.
    4- Restart Uplay and Login to your account.
    5- Under the Games Tab, click on the Watch_Dogs game tile.
    6- Underneath the Play button, click Locate Installed Game.
    7- Navigate to the renamed gamed folder of Watch_Dogs_Patch and select it.
    8- The play button has changed to Download. Select the Download button, and it will download 1.5 GB worth of new files.
    9- Allow the download to finish. You should now be able to launch and play Watch_Dogs!

    For anyone else experiencing this issue, please check the sticky post before opening a new thread, thanks!
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