Greetings everyone. Recently I have posted a thread, which is a lengthy bug report. Of bugs that I found in Anno 1800. I had one of the community representatives return a reply to me. Ubi Scottie. One of the bugs in my report has become a point of interest to investigate. Scottie told me that one of these bugs (The Flagship Bug) is the first time that he is hearing of this and would like to know if other players are experiencing it too. I believe that Patch 3.0 and Hotfix 3.1 have caused this bug. I didn't have this issue before the patches. Otherwise I would have noticed it much sooner.

So to help investigate this. I would like to ask players to look into this please. To test if other players are having this issue in Anno 1800 as well. I have a video of the bug caught in a recording. I will link it below. I would like players to look at the Flagship as it is sailing. With the postcard view from above, looking down on the ship. Look for broken floating planks in the water close to the ship's hull that move with the ship as it is sailing to it's destination. Look all around the ship from above and you should notice it in my video. Note that when the ship is not sailing or has reached it's destination. The floating planks will stop and disappear. Please see if you are having this issue as well in the game. With both the Pre Order and Regular Flagships. Do the same thing that I did in the video to test if you are having this bug as well. It is most noticeable this way and from this angle.

Flagship Bug

I would like players to do the same thing. Test to see if others are having the issue as well. As far as I know it only effects the Pre Order Flagship. I have not looked at the Regular Flagship yet. I would like players to test and see both Flagships. When you test and you do have this issue, please reply in this thread to confirm that other players are having the issue. So that Ubi Scottie can forward this to the team.

Thank you.