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    Dead Chest's Treasure - Running Assassinations

    This is incredibly frustrating. I'm at 99% total sync, having completed 100% in all other missions, side missions, etc... Except for the "Dead Chest's Treasure" mission.

    I just can't seem to get all 3 optional objectives in one playthrough, I've already tried like a hundred times. There are 3 optional objectives:

    1. Perform 3 running assassinations on guards
    2. Stay within 40m of target
    3. Catch target before he reaches the destination

    The very first time I did the mission, I managed to get running assassinations on the first 2 guards but missed the two in the end, so I restarted the mission and ever since then the only running assassination I can do is on the second guard... The others see me and are alerted, making Connor just run past them even if I mash Square Button (On PS4, Attack button)... After seraching online, the only workaround I found was to use smoke bombs, dropping them right before I get close to guards... And it work's, except after I running assassinate the last 2 gurads, the target always manages to cross the 40m range.

    I've done all 3 objectives in separate playthroughs (so the mission is at 83%, asking to complete all objectives in one playthrough), but they just won't happen in the same playthrough... If I try to stay within range, I can't do the running assassinations, if I do them the target gets away.

    I'm at 99%, this is the only mission I have to get full sync... Please help...
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    Sounds like you may be having a buggy issue, but do check YouTube for playthroughs - there's a very precise path you have to take, to do this...
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    Thanks for the reply...

    As I mentioned, I already looked through some playthroughs on YouTube, plus read through countless threads on gamefaqs, forums, playstationtrophies, gamepressure, etc, all the standard support communities... Problem is they all have practical suggestions/workarounds (that's how I actually managed to get all the objectives done separately, someone suggested using smoke bombs, I just have to do them all in one playthrough), but as you can imagine when I try to implement them, it's not so simple... Like most videos show the player magically and effortlessly completing all the objectives and all that, just doesn't work for me. These forums do sometimes work for me, like I managed to do the "The Giant and The Storm" because of a popular suggestion on these sites, but 4 out of 5 times they just don't work... This is the absolute last hurdle to 100% for me, so this is extremely frustrating and disappointing. I've been trying for days.

    Here are a couple of videos of my attempts, if you wanna check them out:


    I can only get one objective or another.
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    Thanks for the videos ReaperFox9, I think I know, what the problem is.
    You are simply too slow. You make no mistake, but you run too slow. That's a PS4 problem, discussed in many threads. It seem to be that Connor only jogs. See other threads to the problem with PS4 R2 button and the running problem.
    Your time from sliding down the ramp at 3 seconds in first video until going up the ramp after last kill at 59 seconds means that you need 56 seconds for that. I saw other videos with 52 seconds for this. In your second video (without kills) you need 53 seconds for that, That is ok, 54 is ok too, but 56 is too slow.
    I don't have this running problems. Perhaps you can get some help from other PS4 players to avoid this. Perhaps press R2 more, but I don't know it exactly, sorry.
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    Man, really?

    I mean, Connor does run really slow in the game, but I didn't realize that's the issue... Thanks for pointing it out.

    I did suspect that might be the cause, so I tried mashing R2 in a couple of runs, (instead of just holding R2), didn't do any good...

    I'll look up the slow run/ R2 issue, but if this is true then I have no hope of completing the objectives, because this is a system issue...

    How effing frustrating, I was at 99%, now I have to just accept that and move on, I guess...

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the reply and bringing this issue to my attention.



    YOU WERE RIGHT, I was running too slow - waaay too slow, and it was the fault of the R2 button! I've had issues with this before, in this game I couldn't open locks with R2 while holding Left and Right sticks, and in other games, like shooters, I couldn't shoot while aiming with L2. I was using custom button assignments as a workaround to this issue for this game... Swapping R2 with L2 temporarily so I could open the locks on chests and doors. I used the same method here as well, swapped buttons and used L2 to run, and HOLY SMOKES, were you right! Connor started running waaay faster, and I got the 3 running assassinations easily, didn't even need to use bombs (turns out, the reason I couldn't get running assassinations without bombs was also because I was running too slow, so the guards detected me and were alerted), and got all 3 optional objectives at once! Now my game is at 100%, ALL THANKS TO YOU!

    And to think I played through the entire game, like 99% of the game without even realizing my controller was f***ing me over, or that I could actually run faster... There were so many situations where this affected me, like trying to save Terry in the River Rescue mission, or catching Hickey and the courier guys, or just plain running away, etc... They were such a pain to do, I just barely managed to complete those missions, all while Connor just jogged around... He can sprint sooo much faster and I didn't even know!

    I would've never found out about this, my game would remain at 99%, there would forever be a noise at the back of my mind, and I would've continued to struggle with games that are affected by this controller issue (knowing this now, I can use this in other games as well)!



    P.S. - I wanted to add a video of how I finally managed to complete the mission, but the PS4 recording/sharing feature broke, so here's a screenshot instead!

    100%! FINALLY!!!
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    Glad to hear it, thanks for info and congratulation to 100% !!!
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    Thanks for taking the time and sharing the information.
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    Looks like this thread had a happy ending, congratulations on reaching 100% sync OP! That is truly a great accomplishment!
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    It looks like putting up a good front isn't always a good practice. Ubisoft screwed up gloriously.
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