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    Rewards for leveling up

    I'm kindda new to rainbow six, and I was wondering if there's any perks upon level up to a point. Like maybe you get a free operator after reaching a certain level or something. I'm just asking because I'm nearing level 25 and there's barely any renown that I received to purchase a year 2 operator (them being the cheapest ones).

    So if anyone can help me understand that would be great.
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    Guess, what? In the old days you had ZERO operators. You had recruit, that is it. You had to buy everyone. Launch operators at one time cost at most 2,000 (today they are free) and all DLC operators cost once cost 25000. These days you have it good, there are discounts coming for the DLC and all the launch ones you already have. The best way to get renown is just to keep playing a ton. Do the weekly Ubisoft Club challenges, and pay money for Boosters in the store.
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