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    Official Community Discord


    I'm heavily involved in the competitive Rocket League scene, and one of the big things I like is the ability to meet players and friends on the official Rocket League discord. As well, the developers share all their update news and patch info and get feedback to determine bugs and fixes needed, and verified community members share info on different tournaments and important info for the main larger tournaments. I feel like this could be very beneficial to do for Roller Champions because the game is taking a similar path to Rocket League, or any competitive game for that matter.
    This is why I think it is necessary for Roller Champions to have an official discord. If need be, I can gather some experienced discord creators from the official Rocket League discord and elsewhere to get a template for the official discord if the Ubisoft team is interested.

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    https://discord.gg/Uyr8VUE This would be the server that we're trying to make official, Ubi devs are present here (however I suggest leaving them be to work on the game!.)

    https://discord.gg/hthsE3e This is Roller Champions League, a sub-server to the one above that is more focused on the possibility of an esport. Chat with the Top players from Pre-Alpha, and even receive coaching and help upon the game's release.
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    Still having problems installing the game

    Hi I'm still having problems with installing the game it's still stopping at 97.3%
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