I just played in casual match agains a team called cLan Central. Just a casual random solo q. I joined a match at the time, when one of the player in team I joined was being accused of cheating. Things got really toxic during match, with cLan members being really offensive, and finally - they lost the round. But I guess that was not really enough for them because they got REALLY toxic at the end, especially one guy, H4wks, the other being Cute.cLaw for sure.

I just looked them up.


They are an ESL team, they got a merch, and a positive feedback.

Should this be how an ESL team acts like? Is that how the PRO scene looks like in U.K.? Or is that how the PRO scene works at all? By offending other players or shooting allegations, like crasy and writing crap in chat?? Well, without no doubt I can tell those people can play a video game, but I would expect some kind of level from people representing their team.
OFC I wasn't recording, or have screens, I wish I had.

Both guys got reported for toxicity in match. I guess that is all UBI allowes to do.