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    Originally Posted by Lewdnar Go to original post

    For a week now I was working on another story, the follow up to my first one, and I'm having the same issues with it too. My support ticket is yet unanswered.

    It's not exactly enjoyable creating content, and then after all the hard work of writing, testing and whatnot, to have it crash on ps4.

    I own the game on ps4, and I can't even play my own published stories.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with another story. With regards to your support ticket we only needed that creating for your save files, you can close that now. The dev team are currently investigating the issue. Once we receive an update we will update this thread.

    I apologise for the inconvenience caused.
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    Yeah, I tried adding them to a zip file from the start, the support site wouldn't allow me to send the save files unpacked.

    I tried again after 24 hours and it still rejects the files.

    Not sure if it's related, but when I try to open or refresh the story creator web app after having tried to load the copy of the buggy story (which doesn't load) I get a 400 error, headers too large. Stupidly I deleted the site data just now but next time it happens I'll download it if you think it would be useful

    I'm giving up trying to work with that support site. Save files are here.

    I really love what you guys are trying to do with this Story Creator system and I think it has huge potential but I feel like I'm just throwing my time into a black hole at this point, especially when I find myself working around bugs in the bug reporting system.
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    I feel the same, I feel like I'm throwing away my time.

    It has been two stories already, two that I haven't been able to put out because they're too "intricate".

    Isn't there any solution? Maybe an insight? Some workaround we can use to avoid this stupid crashing issue on PS4?

    Maybe atleast letting us know where the problem is could help, so we can change things for now.
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    Took a punt at it again after the July 11 update. Still crashing.
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    I get the feeling this will never get fixed.
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