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    Come back after a couple of years! How do I get the BMW?


    After a while not playing any trials frontier, I reinstalled it an am still enjoying it. The problem is that when playing against ANBA, I noticed some unbeatable times with players on a bike I didn't recognise. It turns out it was the BMW. I only learned that after a season of the bunker and got a single blueprint piece. Same thing for the Bandito.

    I check the store every day and it seems like I can't purchase more pieces. It appears that the only way to get pieces is through the bunker. One piece per month. The BMW requires 50 pieces! Am I really supposed to play the bunker (and get past rank 1) every month for more than four years?! Is there no other way to get BMW pieces?
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    Unfortunately I think they may be it but you may be able to get multiple pieces during the Midnight Circuit events. There’s an even newer bike as well, Tier 3 Harley Davidson. Hopefully they put pieces in the store for you.
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