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    Clue for June 25 DLC

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    That's Bernie Madoff in the upper right. I'm thinking fraud or pyramid scheme
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    Top left is Double Shah

    Sibtul Hasan Shah, alias Double Shah, was a scam artist in Pakistan, who gained notoriety by starting and managing a Ponzi scheme.


    Will check Pyramid as the password.

    Ponzi is the password
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    Bottom right is Sergey Mavrodi, also a pyramid scheme fraud
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    The first guy is someone named Double Shah, also a scammer like Madoff. Try scammer as well. The woman at the bottom is Damara Bertges from the European Kings Club, another Ponzi Scheme.
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    Double Shah in upper left - Scammed 7 billion rupees in one year
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    Dona Branca - Middle Top - Maintained Ponzi scheme in Portugal
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    Bottom left: Sun Myung Moon? Fraud and “Cult” leader?
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