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    Game Constantly Crashing - Tried so many things to fix it but no luck.

    About 3 days ago my game started to crash all the time.
    It will crash after 30 seconds - 10 minutes of gameplay every time without fail.

    I stream the game several hours each day and atm and stuck not being able to play or stream the game.

    Nothing seems to be written to Uplay_Crash_Reporter Log file.
    Just always crashing with the popup "Oh It Crashed".

    List of actions I have done to try and fix this:

    -Update Drivers to Latest (Didn't Work)
    -Unistall and Reinstall "EasyAntiCheat" (Didn't Work)
    -Launched "EasyAntiCheat and clicked "Repair" (Didn't Work)
    -Downgraded windows (Didn't work)
    -Cleared all Instances of Uplay and Trials, Redownloaded both. (Didn't Work)
    -Wiped PC and Reinstalled Operating System. (Didn't Work)

    So what do I do next?
    Assume its a Hardware fault like GPU and buy a new GPU?

    I have tried one other game and that doesn't crash.

    Anyone got any Ideas or Suggestions?

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    Hey TheBlazeJp, I'm sorry to hear that.
    Thanks for listing the steps you've tried so far, so that our team can look into this further for you would you be able to send us a copy of your Msinfo and Dxdiag files in a support ticket?
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