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    20 Hours, 3,900 MMR, Thoughts and Feedback

    Would like to start by stating that I took interest to this game from my love of Rocket League. Played that since Season 1 and love it a lot. This game kept the vibe Rocket League first gave me, but provided it in a different sort of way. Very enjoyable.

    Overview Thoughts

    The game is good. Is a pre-alpha, I know theres gonna be issues there. The launch with match making being an issue was expected, I wont comment on that, its not solo to this game only. The first game is always important, it really did pull me in. Learning controls wasn't hard, picked up very quickly using a controller. (Some used keyboard and this demo was clearly very based around a controller only use, options only showed Controller layouts etc) The gameplay itself was alright. The first map (Sandy bright beach one) was very stable, with no issues, the Mexico map felt stuttery, most likely not yet fully optimised? Teamwork is a must here, I played with a few people in groups, won every game we did in those groups, and had lots of fun. So playing solo, in this team game, is gonna need good in-game mic work, and carrying a team isn't likely.

    Key points/Ideas to consider

    Dodging and tackling - Although, you can dodge, you become almost impossible to tackle if your ways dodging? Unless all 3 of your team are around tackling one person, you will always miss the tackle. I suggest this being changed to based on speed. If the attacking person is faster, your dodge wont work, and you lose the ball. If the ball carrier is faster than everyone, his would be a problem. Maybe limit the top speed of the carrier? I dont think this would be an issue, would encourage passing and more team-play for defending the ball carrier if that was your strat.

    Fans/Scoring - Fans are a great idea, I think they shouldn't be a competitive ranking, that should be different, but with fans, people gain, and lose them in real life. I think if you were to track the amount of passes, or something in a game, fans would go up and down via this. If you played a game, did no passing during the time you had the ball, or didnt defend well for your team, or anything that didnt involve team-play, you could lose fans. Could be cool. As for ranked, a 'Roller Pass' or licence that gets upgraded or stamped based on winnings and losses, would be cool maybe. Just ideas.

    -Controls - Really liked the controls for general movement and playing, but had some real issues with using chat, and the emotes (Celebrations) I think the way you access both of these, needs to change. Talking to your team, is more important than an emote. So why do I only have a single button to press for an emote, but have to hold a press a button to quick chat? These need to be switched I feel. Chat and team communication is far more important, and needs to be easier to do or at least quicker to do.

    Other people have made comments on 'No training' or, 'this was broken so fix it'. Im not going to comment on what I think was missing, or what was really broken, since its a pre-alpha. The game will be very different in the Beta and release. This was merely 'Hey guys, we have a game idea, what do you think, hope you like it'.

    Fun game, gonna be super excited to play more of it, unfortunately missed a whole day of the demo, but looking forward to get on the competitive scene again.

    Great soundtrack btw.

    - Alexander
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    Great post

    same here.. i'm gc on rocket league and im VERY HYPED about this game still checking for any news daily
    i really wish that they work on a ranked system that is close to rocket league or even better
    exited to be a day 1 player as i was on rl (:
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