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    No blood hitting the floor in the snow/Connor not getting wet from swimming.

    It's now been weeks since threads were made about this...

    In AC3 Remastered, on all platforms (it seems to be) there is no blood falling on the floor in the frontier and in the snow, also Connor isn't getting wet from swimming... These were features in the original (I'm assuming it's missing due to no testing?) It's not on they're missing as it's needed for the best experience.

    I have contacted support, commented on threads and yet nothing.

    We didn't pay money for a game with missing basic features.

    Please fix this problem!

    (Support Email)

    "Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Support.

    We appreciate your report on the issues with the blood in Assassin's Creed 3 remastered and Connor not getting wet after being in the water.

    We are aware of this issue and we have reported it to our dev team. We will update our forums as soon as we have more details.

    In the meantime, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ubisoft Support"
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    Ubi-Swaggins's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey IronMattO3,

    Thank you for the report and for reaching out.

    In this instance, our support team has told you all the information that we have currently.

    The team is investigating but at this current time, we do not have any updates to provide.
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    Finally, thanks for your response.

    I contacted your support and got that reply on the 13th of May. It's been well over a month and yet still no response to these issues or any others have been addressed in any form.

    Heck my problems were reported many times by myself and others at the time of release in April to no results.

    It's hard to genuinely believe you guys are investigating anything at this point, this forum is evident nothing is happening and I know I'm not the only one frustrated.

    Ubisoft sells a remaster with missing features, the best you guys could do is actually fix them please, thanks for your time.
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    I reported this issue twice a month ago actually and still waiting for the patch. I've stopped playing it since. Fixing the game may take time but i hope they are working on it.
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    Originally Posted by SainathR Go to original post
    I reported this issue twice a month ago actually and still waiting for the patch. I've stopped playing it since. Fixing the game may take time but i hope they are working on it.
    I do too but sadly I don't have high hopes at this point.
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    I'm creating a petition as a way to pressure Ubisoft to fix the bugs in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
    >>>> http://chng.it/Gr8N4fGqKc
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    Ubisoft barcelona dev team just still sleep no response none new patch to fix for long time maybe blood on snow & wet suit will it so hard to fix lol.
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    It's because they don't care, they got their money and ran. I like Ubisoft but this Barcelona studio doesn't have my respect.

    Making sure two features that exist in the game you're remastering are there is not rocket science... is it so hard to get a patch?

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    Congrats on investigating guys! It's been a hard few months of nothing!

    Well done!

    Please send this video to your incompetent staff and fix the basic damn bug.


    Kind regards,

    From everyone who actually wanted a remaster, not a downgrade.
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