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    Title: The Magic Word V3

    Language: English

    Description: You have to kidnap the famous Mage named Merlin. You need him to show you the location of The Last Spell Book, which you have to destroy to rid Elis of evil Magic forever!

    Use a "Mind Control" spell to Assassinate your target!

    New Quest Item Objectives

    Added a Tactical Approach to Assassinate your target!

    Link https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...20de393c662e4d

    Trailer https://youtu.be/XMvcxLkbjNY
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    Hi there! I don't know if anyone even still uses or reads this, but I finally got my act together (quarantine!) and published a story.

    It's not epic or Chapter 1 or the rise of a new successor to the Cult of Kosmos - just a short adventure that could have happened on any of the Eagle-Bearer's trips to Athens, and which (fingers crossed) is fully playable and 95% typo-free.

    Anyway, here it is: Wolf in Red, Serpent in Blue
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    Short quiz quest

    Language: English
    Description: Spoiler-free. Pick the right answers to complete this short quest based on the Final Fantasy series
    URL: Link: https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1bde4d408538bd

    This story is very short for now, with just one quest. I will develop more if there's some interest from the community
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    1st time try

    Try to create the story
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    Title:Les Pierres de Rêves

    A new original story for the Francophone community (and for people who can read French )

    Language : French
    Link : https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1bde38547f7304
    - 90 min of gameplay
    - an exiciting plot
    - a hidden romance

    Short description
    Our dreams belong to us, but what happens when occult forces try to seize them?

    Enjoy & Have fun !

    All my stories can be check here : https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...3-bb2cb8722542
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    [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Title: Demand repayment of a debt
    Language: ENG
    Description:An interesting debt collection story in Athens
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    Enjoy & Have fun !
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    Title: Old Acquaintances
    Language: English
    Description: Someone from the past asks for the help of the Eagle Bearer. Nothing is certain for what lies ahead this time. (Note: The events take place after the main game. Beware of spoilers.)

    Title: Family Vacation
    Language: English
    Description: The Eagle Bearer and the family decided to go on vacation. What could possibly go wrong? (Note: Sequel to ''Old Acquaintances'')
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