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    Share Your Story!

    As we move forward with the Story Creator Mode, more and more of you will undoubtedly have stories you want to share with others in this community and beyond. Feel free to share your created quests within the thread, as well as share feedback on certain stories that you've found and played here. Specific questions about the tool should still be directed to the forum at large, but we hope this thread serves as a useful resource for players and creators alike!

    Format Preferences:

    If you're sharing your story with us here, please use the following layout so that looking among the different stories is as uniform and streamlined as possible.

    • Name of the Story
    • The language that the Story will be predominately in
    • A brief description of the Story, something to catch our eye or pique the reader's interest
    • The URL for your Story so there is quick and easy access to it from here.

    If you are looking to leave feedback on a story, this type of layout will make it easier to determine which story you're talking about and have quick reference to it, should it inspire another player to take a look.

    1. Quote reply the post of the story in question
    2. Remove all text from the quote besides the Name of the Story and the URL at the end
    3. Close the quote and leave your feedback
    4. Be polite, respectful, and continue to follow all other rules of the forums when leaving feedback, keep any criticism constructive

    We can't wait to see all the stories you craft within Assassin's Creed Odyssey!

    Some Additional Helpful Resources:
    The User Manual
    Story Creator Mode FAQ
    Tutorial Video
    Ubisoft Support
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    Originally Posted by lepenseur0403 Go to original post
    I think this is my first time ever writing in these forums, and I am not exactly sure it is okay to share my own story here.
    If it is not, please feel free to erase this post.

    It is really sad that the story creator mode is now being flooded with quick xp quests.
    What is even more disappointing is that truly creative and entertaining pieces are buried in these farm quests and are very difficult to discern.

    That is why I wanted to share my story here. I cannot say it is good but I did put in many hours of hard work into it.
    The process of creating the stories was really entertaining by itself, but I really wanted to get feedback from more people so that I can improve the quality of the sequel I am working on.

    The title of the series is "Socratic Method". It follows discussions on philosophical conundrums and adventures of the eagle bearer and Sokrates.
    In this episode, the eagle bearer is faced with a situation where he/she needs to decide between the needs of the many against the needs of the few.
    I am already working on a sequel with a different philosophical concept and continuing storyline.

    Please try my story if you are interested. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    Reposted due to technical issue.
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    Originally Posted by JaelleG Go to original post
    An official Thread, really cool. Thanks, Ubi
    I'll start then if I might... ^^

    Name of the Story : "Do you want to...?"

    Language : English (from a "no native")

    Description : The one Quest all Fans of a certain NPC have missed. And a little glimpse at Spartan ways of Life.

    This Story was created and designed for "The Brasidas Squad" (Twitter-Thing ;o)
    I tried to stay true to Spartan Traditions regarding Partnership. So, playing as Kass has some advantages.

    Link : https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1edea908094d10
    Reposted due to technical issue.
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    Oh awesome, an official thread!

    Name of the story: A Tale of Two Cities *Chapter One*

    Language: English

    Description: Chapter One: In The Eyes of Argos. A tale of the cold war between Argos and Tegea. Solve the mystery of the ancient founders, and put an end to the cold war, one way or another.

    + Features 14 Quests and a 45~ minute long story.

    Story URL:
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    Left of Hell
    Name of the Story: The Boethian Conundrum: English
    A brief description This is the first chapter, about raids and abductions that happen in boethia.
    Story URL: https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1ede222895f9e1
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    -Whispers from Unknown- Tale I

    This is the part one of three, because i don't wanna do a single overly long story.

    English language.

    The Eagle Bearer return to Sparta for a little resting period, but things for him/her aren't so easy, as usual.
    Incoming mysteries, maybe connected to the first civilization or... something else.

    Obviously it is my first story so maybe it is a bit linear but i put a lot of effort in it.

    And last, English isn't my first language so I surely made some mistakes.



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    Title: Castlemania: A Homage
    Language: ENG
    Description: An epic, multi-faceted quest to defeat the dark lord of a haunted castle. A homage to everyone's favorite game about killing vampires.
    URL: https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1cde3c2c973eb3

    I hope you guys enjoy this one! I finished it just in time for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
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    Story name:Can't be too tired... eh?
    Language: ENG
    Description: This family won't let you rest for a moment!
    Fulfill your family wishes and get them off your back! at least for today....

    This story line supposed to go after the completion of the main story - big happy family that took a week off and enjoying life in their old house the way they used to.
    The story is the first task of hopefully many to come if Ubisoft decide to add extra, but I really hope that people will see this and will give me some notes and things to work on!
    so please try it out!


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    Language: ENG
    Description: You received a raven from a certain Prince of Persia asking for help, promising you a great reward. Uncover the secret of time is this epic journey across Sparta, with interesting characters and plot twists.

    Link: https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/s...1cde5f5c3ef40b
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    This is a german story: Eine neue Gefahr droht

    It's the story of the followers of the cultists who want to revive the clan.

    (12 Quests, 11 Personen, Dauer 1-2 Stunden)

    If German people will like it, i will translate in english.



    Hope you all have fun
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