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    After Vikings, the next Assassin Creed game should go to the Persian Empire

    Hi there,

    I've been thinking of an idea and I think the Persian Empire would be a brilliant choice for an Assassin Creed Game. This would be set after Darius killed Xerxes in the events of AC Odyessy.

    But we're not focusing on Darius so much. I would want Darius's legacy to create the brotherhood of Assassins within the Persian Empire. Darius may have fled Persia, but he must have had a young man figure that reminded him of Natakas. This man has created the brotherhood of Assassins against the Order of Templars.

    AC's new story style has changed. This game would majorly focus on 50% story, 60% side quests.

    In Part 1:

    Artaxerxes I of Persia is now ruling an Empire that faces political instability. In Greece, the warlords of Sparta and the Oligarchs of Athens scheme to take back revenge from the Persians for their constant meddling after the legacy of the first blade. Xeno (the name we shall assume for the Persian Assassin) is an thief in the city of Susa. Much in the vein of Aladdin and Sinbad, he is a constant meddler, and he takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Parsa, the Governor of the City becomes so frustrated with him, that he eventually captures Xeno. In the dungeons of the Governor's Palace in Susa, Parsa tells him to give up fighting against the Templars. The Templars since the dawn of creation have championed for order. That nothing changes the world. Parsa tells Xeno that killing Xerxes was a mistake, and that they will do everything to get rid of Artaxerxes. The new King was chosen by Darius, and he is a benevolent and well loved King, worthy of his grandfather, Cyrus the Great.

    Xeno spits and laughs. We have an option of three choices to insult, spit in his face, and kick him in the ball. It doesn't change the story, it just gives you a little more flexibility. Xeno manages to escape when Arca, his friend and mentor from his birth, comes and saves him. Assassins storm the palace and drive away Parsa. A new threat has arisen, once they escape from the walls, they are in the nomadic plains. Arca reveals that an Egyptian Assassin had arrived into Persepolis ten weeks ago but he has been missing. Xeno says that Artaxexeres cannot handle the political situation in the court, since the Templars influence ministers of the court and therefore many of his decisions to help the people are rejected by the Council. Xeno thanks Ahura Mazda for this blessing. The worship of Ahura Mazda will play a great role in this game. He'll also have a companion, animal like Dog. Dogs were very important in Persian culture for that matter.

    Xeno and Arca clasp hands.

    We get a magnficient cutscene in the style of POP and AC Origins, a 16:9 map showing the great Persian empire, where Xeno makes his way through a swooping cinematic all the way to Persepolis. Yellow for colour, and a great cinematic music.

    Part 2:

    Xeno arrives into the great city of Persepolis. When he goes there, he is kidnapped by what seems to be a templar, but it is the Egyptian Assassin, Nefer. Instantly Xeno takes a liking for her beauty. She reveals to him that the Templars have gotten word of the Orb of the Isu. It is located in the city of Babylon. They take the help of a local Assyrian, and they travel to Babylon. The Templar Order's main character, Artax, sends agents to fight them. It is a long march before they arrive at the Gates of Babylon. Much like in Syndicate, Xeno and Nefer liberate the city from the Templar Order, and they do it not by simply killing the guards, they create gangs, and recruit people. They bribe Governors, and they particapite in political debates. Much like what a current political campaign is to do.

    And we get to the exciting part. Nefer and Xeno having a romantic relationship, they go and find that an local Assyrian boy has gone missing. As they go, they encounter the ruins of the Hanged Garden of Babylon. They enter, and are trapped. Artax and his templars have caught with them. They then go into a temple, where there is a lake of fire surrounding them and there's a lot of Isu stuff. Artax reveals that he has finally captured a live Isu. He argues that the whole concept of fighting between the Assassins and the Templars have always been a fabrication. The Isu are the master manipulators of the race of humanity. The Assassin vs Templar was their whole scheme. Artax revealed he had read the history of the Isu and discovered a recording which shows Pythagaros going mad. He says the history and knowledge should be destroyed.

    Nefer wants the knowledge being contained, but Xeno objects. Xeno says that the knowledge could lead to decades of peace. Artax reveals that this is not the case, and that because of this fighting, there may never be a moment of peace. In that time, a figure unviels itself. A rogue Isu scientist, Gilgamesh reveals himself. He confirms what Artax has said. But he says that in order to access the temple, one must kill the other. Not Xeno and Nefer, but Xeno and Artax. The decision is difficult. You can decide between killing Artax or killing Xeno. Either way, the temple opens. Xeno/Artax through who the player decides, enters the temple and takes this Orb. Nefer warns him not too take it.

    Xeno takes the Orb, or Artax for that matter. Instantly we get a cutscene showing the cities of Ur and the Chaldeans of how they got lust for power etc. Bascially a warning cutscene not to become corrupted by power.

    Xeno staggers back, breathing hard. He is left with a choice. Make peace with the Templars, or fight the machinations of the Isu that continue to destroy this world. If he chooses the Templars, we see the conflict growing. If we choose the choice of the Isu, we get a unique history where the Templars/Assassins form alliances and break it. And then we see among the Isu, he gets a divine intervention of Ahura Mazda, who tells him the truth using Zorostrain teaching.

    Unusued concepts:
    The Immortals: They're an group that are powerful and hate the Templars. The Templars have not been the only organisation in history to manipulate events. The Head of the Immortals is a Grand Magi, who has been loyal to Persia from time beyond. The Immortals want Persia safe. They're like the elite guard of Persia. They will form an alliance to preserve Persia, and that is what they did when Alexander burned Persepolis. They were responsible for creating the squabbles of Alexander's empire breaking off.

    The Babylonian Brotherhood - they're essentially an off-shoot of the Egyptian brotherhood, who gave them the finances to do so.

    The Gods: Enill, Marduk, Gilgamesh, Ahura Mazda.

    Its not great, but its some idea.

    Atm I am running out of ideas, but here is what I would want:

    1) Ability to customise character outfits, ziplines, riding on camels and horses.
    2) The ability to carry out missions in the form of an Assassin brotherhood throughout the whole of the Persian Empire. Like the Cult of Kosmos, there'll be a main screen where you are in charge. The Other trees branch out to different Assassins. You can go to a small city or town, save them, recruit them, and then send them to defeat Templars.
    3) The amount of cities and towns will be numerous. We'll be exploring Isu ruins, Assyrian ruins, Mythological creatures. This game will have a lot of pre-Sumerian ruins. The Sumerians would like the Minoans in AC Odyessy.
    4) The amount of diversity: You'll have Persians, Assyrians, Mesoptamians, Ur, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Scythians, Sarmations, Greeks, Indians, Chinese merchants from the Silk Road.
    5) The amount of diversity in the landscape: Mountains, the Reliefs of the Acheamaind Kings, the Great Tomb of Cyrus, the Mountain of Behistun, the City of Tyre, the ruins of Troy.
    6) To make it easy, you have four provinces. Each one a large province. In that you would have towns and cities similar to AC Odyessy.
    7) A lot of side-quests and branching quests.
    8) You'll be fighting creatures from many mythological eras. Sumerian mythology and Assriyian Mythology is wild and there's so much stuff you can pull out from there.
    9) This is open world. So the major cities of Persepolis, Susa, Ectabana, Troy, Side, Tyron and a lot of Ancient Forts will be there for you too look at,
    10) You'll get to meet a lot of Mesopatamian Gods, Ahura Mazda and a lot more beasts.

    I just want a game in the Persian Empire now!!!!
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    Hey there Samurai587,

    I am moving your post to the general AC forum, since this is not about Origins specifically.
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    Hi Samurai587

    The Persian empire is exactly what I'm waiting for!! Specially considering that the first assassins and the creed itself is known to be said/inspired by Hassan i Sabbah, the Iranian religeous leader...somehow it all screams for it. The famous Fravashi sign which is a spread eagle. EAGLE !

    I love the pictures by the way!! They are historically accurate to their time, plus there're so many animals used as symbols to amplify the magnitude of that era.Lions are maybe the most important symbolic animal in the ancient Persia by the way. alongside the eagle and the zoomorphic griffin. The Itanian flag during the Pahlavi is a track of the same concept of lion illustrated in Takhte Jamshid archeological sites

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Did you, Ubisoft?
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    I would love an Assassin's Creed game taking place in Persia too! Their History is so rich and interesting, and we already have Darius and his children coming from there, so they could surely make great links too
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