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    Some feedback with My Friend Greez. (with a dot)

    My friend and I enjoyed the game a lot, here's some feedback and suggestions.

    About the controls, We think that the tackles are a bit random, It looks like you can't aim precisely with your mouse or joystick and Sometimes, you do a tackle behind you but the character keep to going forward after the tackle, it's a bit weird to play with it.

    When we just receive the ball from a mate, you're unable to dodge immediatly, you've got a little latency from a frame or two

    One of the worst mechanic is the pass, we played a lot and we didn't manage to find the way to make pass without going randomly on the map. It looks too random, maybe a distance requirement for the pass would be nicer, otherwise you use the shoot if the guy is too far. Or even use a color range indicator for the aim accuracy.

    The dodge allowed you to dodge 3 oppenents in a row( or with a single one) which is really frustating for the defense team.

    We were unable to dunk like the trailer, we were able to jump right in the basket/goal but unable to dunk

    We though about classes in the game like:
    - A class Very light and fast which allow you to dodge effectively
    - And otherwise, a class with tackle capacity which got weight to gain speed

    Maybe a mechanic with a turbo depending on the class you have. The light can use it longer and the heavy one shorter but give a nice boost for tackles.

    A Reward system (fans reward for example) for the amount of tackles/pass/shoot/save and even the max speed you reached. A lot of players play alone.

    Different equipments could affect the stats of your character. So there is a bit of strategy with your teammates before starting the game.

    I know it's on alpha, but when a player leave, we got a disadvantage because the bot only autopass and request pass. The bot could be usefull while looking for another mate but not during all the game.

    About bots, we got an issue earlier, we were against 6 players (4 bots and 2 players) it increased progressively while oppenent got disconnected.

    We're free to get some early access to give you some feedback/suggestions.

    Thanks for your reading,

    Greez. & ypinS

    Ps: The dot after Greez is important
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    This weird rabbit above is, sadly my mate.
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    "Or even use a color range indicator for the aim accuracy." - Now that's a super good idea!
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    By the way, at the end of the game, maybe a MVP with a replay and also , like overwatch, a top dodge/score/pass/speed player.
    I hope you may also include some customisation like the flare behind our rollers, score animation, exclusive emote and so on.
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    Thank you and your friend I really want them to see this feedback, it is very important to improve the game.
    they have so much time to make it gold.
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    Class Based is a No from me

    I think making the game class based would kind of ruin it. The way it is now everyone has the same fair shot and everything's equal. It gives the devs something else to have to balance around while they still need to flush out the core mechanics of the game.
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    Yeah, we were afraid about it aswell.

    Actually the game is really "light"( but it's an pre-alpha), But I hope they will add some gamemode like Dodgeball.
    I hope also, we may be able to create and customize our 'Team' with logo and colors (home/away).
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    yes i like the way you shared these points very impressive article i am also working on the same ideas that you mentioned in the above article here you can see some of the solutions on the related websites like this.
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    The thing is the pass is always perfectly accurate, it just calculates where your teammate is going and throws it where he will be when he receives the pass if he would continue the exact same direction he is going at the moment you pass. You just gotta get the hang of it. A boost is a little too much in my opinion. The rest if quite right! They should also introduce a penalty for quitting a match as its heavily team based. Dodging mechanic should have a much higher cooldown and imo games shouldnt stop at the score of 5 as it prevents clutch games where a team got 5 and then your team tries that last chance 3 lapper redemption and also i had games end after 30 seconds which is quite frustrating for the defender team.
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