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    Unranked players shouldn't get Extreme tracks

    I'm currently in the Gold league, which means I get Extreme tracks. This is often good fun, but what is not fun is going against an unranked player (who is usually new to the game/series) and being given the choice between voting for an Extreme, Extreme or Extreme track then watching them inevitably quit the match and boot me back to the main menu.

    Matches are scarce enough as it is in this game (especially on Switch). We don't need to shoo new players away by giving them tracks they can't complete. Best give unranked players tracks equivalent to the Bronze league, rather than causing them to have no influence over the track selection.
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    I definitely agree. It'd be ideal if they based track selection off of the lowest ranked rider in the session. Sure, if a rider expects to reach diamond they'll have to race those tracks eventually, but there's no need to force anyone to race above their division. The tracks for bronze and silver are fun too. They're so fast that there isn't any room for faults, and even the best can lose if their game goes into fast forward mode at the wrong time. It'd definitely be nice if they made this simple change, to help keep new riders from getting so discouraged from playing mp and maybe have a chance of seeing more ppl in sessions.
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    And now that I'm racing against someone who is ranked (Silver league) and the game is only giving me MX and the City and Red Steel. What are you thinking, Ubisoft? There are so many tracks at your disposal!

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    lol what !?!

    I thought they figured out track selection already lol. Last night I raced someone and we had MX, Canyon Crash, and Hard Hat for 3 sessions in a row. That's 9 strait races with no change in track selection!!! The only thing that changed was the order those 3 were in. I'm seriously thinking about opening up a support ticket.
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    I've been playing some more multiplayer today. That's four matches today opponents have quit due to tracks beyond their skill level. I just don't understand why people vote for Extreme tracks and then quit. Maybe they haven't unlocked Extreme tracks in the game so they think "that sounds cool" before regretting it?

    Anyway, earlier I entered a lobby in which there were already two other players. We got Easy tracks only. Then we had another match and got Medium/Hard/Extreme. What changed is my name was first in the list the second time around instead of third. So I think the first person in a lobby is who it bases the track difficulty off of? Weird system.
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    I've reported the issue with the duplicate map selection appearing and it has been attempted to reproduce the issue multiple times and it was found to happen one time in testing, so the devs have added it to be a known issue to look into.
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