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    I'd like to introduce myself...

    Hello all. If I may I would like to introduce myself so I can get around to thanking those that did not hesitate to either share their work or help me with questions.

    I'm Savage1969, a longtime gamer generally of the Sony console variety, but recently became the proud owner of a MW2 LE 360. I got it so I could play Left 4 Dead 2 but quickly found the epic Trials HD.

    I enjoy the game's original courses, but quickly yearned for additional content and stumbled upon the TrialsHD website where I read about and saw videos of some rather ambitious tracks. Everyone I've met in this community has been overly generous and I would like to thank the following (in no specific order):

    L0RD Melchett
    o SKUMBAG o
    o Paralyzer o

    I hope to be able to repay their hospitality and generosity, but fear that all I can do is say thanks as I've only been playing for one week and have yet to delve into the track editor.

    The following is my contact info:
    PSN: Savage1969
    GT: The Savage1969 (someone Debo'd my handle, probably one of my PSN buddies, so this may change in the future)
    Twitter: Savage1969

    Thanks again and take care.
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    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome to Xbox community! I'll send you a friend request so you can download my maps. They're a bit different cuz I mostly like working with the physics. They're pretty difficult too so you might have a hard time finishing them if you haven't gotten to the extreme tracks yet.

    Enjoy! : )
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    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome ! I hope you enjoy my maps
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    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome to the best community in the world. There are thousands of tracs available. And soon you will need a good supply of memory units
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    Just a quick reply to verify if Ubisoft merged my original RedLynx profile correctly.
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