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    Bad translation in French

    Hi, I'm french and love you're game. I was happy to see a translation in French with the latest patch. But in the menu there is a little problem :
    You translated "chat" by "clavardage".
    Clavardage is a word that I never heard before it doesn't exists in French.
    I looked on google and it seems it has been created in Quebec to replace the english word "chat".
    But I think you should replace it by "chat" because nobody in France, and probably in Swizerland or Belgium will understand it
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    It's QcChopper who did the translation, and he is from Quebec. Hehe
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    Yes, I'm aware of that but clavardage sounded better to me than chat. Here in Quebec, French is almost assimilated so we have to fight for it. I was just trying to avoid untranslated words or confusing words ( "chat" means cat in French too for those who didn't know). I think clavardage, even though it was coined in Quebec, is much more truthful to French origins than "chat" which has no French roots at all.

    For Devs, Clavardage is coined by mixing "clavier" (keyboard) + "bavardage" (chat) = French roots.

    I had a long time to think about it when translating the game, and I still stand by my decision, the rest is up to devs.

    If you guys want to remove clavardage, I suggest "bavardage" because the way things go, why translate it to French at all if we're going to use English expressions?
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    just to give my opinion:
    we have some english expressions in the french language, like "week-end" , "T-shirt"....and "chat".
    we even use it as a verb ("chatter"), and more, we don't have any other word instead . I'm quite sure it is in the dictionnary and everyone would understand it.
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    Yes I suppose it is like American english and UK English, there are some differences.
    For me clavardage looks very strange but I understand that it can be common in Quebec. Anyway it doesn't prevent me to play the game
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    So in France, we say chat. It's a "frenchised" word. And clavardage doesn't exist.

    We already talked about this Qc, so I'm not arguing any further, but I think leaving Chat would satisfy everyone. And once again this is far from being a real problem.

    Btw, do you know why this version of the french transaltion was used instead of the latest ? I supplied them with a much better translation, reviewed by many people to make sure no typos were left, we translated every country name, and corrected a few mistranslations.

    I e-mailed Jorma about this, he never answered.
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    send jorma pm again. He's not handling the translation thou. To who you sended the latest translation?
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    I haven't got any e-mail or pm from you, so you probably didn't sent them to me.
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    Maxwell: Your enhanced French translation was missing from the 1.08 release due to a version control problem that we had with the translations.

    It will be included in the next release.
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    Borrowing this thread for a little while. Found some spelling errors in the swedish translation (I usually use english so I didn't notice it until now).

    Don't know who to PM so I will post the suggestions here.

    Under settings one line says "Visa HUD spel". should be "Visa HUD".

    The trophy "Grace of Patience" description says "K?rt ?ver 100 g?nger", should be "K?rt ?ver 100 timmar".

    The trophy "Bad Vibes". Two mistakes here "an" should be "en" and the last two words "M?ste harma" should be "D?lig karma".

    The audio options at the launcher says "H?rdvaru ljud" and "Mjukvaru ljud", should be "H?rdvaruljud" and "Mjukvaruljud".

    Not an error but the "(" and ")" is not necessary at the ending screen. And also, some of the award descriptions needs adjusting. Some words can't be seen correctly.

    Yeah. I know I'm a bit annoying about this but I don't care =)
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