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    Black Screen, HELP pls!

    Sorry for my english hahaha. When I give it to start, I run a blank screen for 2 seconds, then It close and later I get the screen of normal game. When 10 seconds pass, in the lower right corner I get PRE-ALPHA and some numbers and letters but it stays there and does not do anything else. Any solution? Thank you
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    I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue with only seeing a black screen on launch. Please let me know what GPU, CPU, RAM, and OS are on your PC.

    Please also make sure your PC is using your dedicated GPU if you have an integrated GPU. If you are using dual GPUs please disable Crossfire or SLI.
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    Same issue

    I also have a black screen on startup and it displays a pre-alpha text with numbers at the lower right screen...
    I use windows 7 ,8GB ram, Nvidia GTX1050ti and core i3 4th gen
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