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    Framerate is low

    The game has very poor performance. Messing with the settings by putting it on Low or High both have similar frame rates. The Fullscreen option should be better than Windowed but it runs pretty much exactly the same.

    CPU: Ryzen 2700x GPU: AMD VEGA 56 RAM: 16GB @ 3200mhz OS: Windows 10 with no new updates available.

    As stated above I have tried messing with all the settings in different combinations including running it through steam and setting the launch option "-fullscreen" but the game looks like its running in Borderless Fullscreen. It alt tabs really quickly which isnt normal behavior for most Fullscreen games. Steam's FPS counter shows ~30 fps average in the Mexico Arena and around ~90 with regular dips in the other sunny maps.

    This game is a blast and i would like to see it run buttery smooth. Whatever log files or evidence you guys need to help fix this I would gladly take the time to give to you guys. In the meantime thanks for the fun game and I cant wait for it to come out!
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    Hey there,

    Thank you for the report and welcome to the forums!

    Can you provide us with your MSinfo and DXDiag files?
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