Love the idea for this game, and the lobby music is great too. Although I need to give feedback. <3

-Add music during match, and make it optional
-the tackling system is needs a lot of work including getting tackled shortly after standing
-I've been counter tackled multiple times when trying to tackle someone form the back. That shouldn't be happening
-Orange team has the advantage at the start, and I thought players with more fans would be on blue for balancing. This is not the case as I've seen after playing. Fix this!!!
-Make jumping much, MUCH higher. Jumping as of now is very pointless except for adding to your pump speed.
-make the cursor line for aiming more visible, or maybe change the camera angle because its very awkward and unrewarding
Price point says "from $60" that is waaaaaay too high for this style of repetitive game.

Keep working on it and this game will be good!