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    Crashing after intro video.

    'Roller.exe has stopped working'

    Pre-alpha so to be expected, however would like to play! Have verified files and fully re-installed.
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    Done the same as well, verified files, re-installed, even tried reinstalling for a 3rd time on a different drive, also made sure all drivers are up to date yet I crash after the Cinematic.
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    me too impossible to play
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    Same here
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    I too. UnityPlayer.dll is listed as the fault module by the Windows Error display window. I deleted that file from the Roller Champions installation and I repaired the installation but the same issue. I also restarted my PC. Nothing.
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    Just curious what are we all using? overlays, Headphones,Mice, ETC. Trying to narrow down the issue
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    UbiGabrinth's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    I'm very sorry to hear you all are having these issues with crashes! Please let me know if closing Uplay entirely, installing the latest version, running the program as administrator, and then verifying Roller Champions in Uplay helps to resolve these crashes.

    Is anyone getting any form of error code?
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    Didn't work for me, and no error code.
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    Thanks for helping. Unfortunately, that entire sequence was completed and the game still crashes. I'm getting Exception Code: c0000005 where the Fault Module Name is described as UnityPlayer.dll and Fault Module Version is 2018.3.9.32286 which is the same as the Application Version value. The Problem Event Name is listed as APPCRASH. Hope it helps any.
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