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    AC3: Ubisoft Club access not working

    Hi everyone.
    Ever since I bought the game from the eShop, I’ve been unable to have it sync with Ubisoft Club.
    The game doesn’t show up in my profile on the Club, I don’t get Club “coins” for completing challenges in the game and if I try to connect to Ubisoft Club from the game, I get a “service is not available at the moment message.”

    I tried redowloading the game, unlinking my Nintendo Switch account from my Ubisoft account page, deleting the save data on the console and start the game anew, change internet connection using my cellular phone as an hotspot, setting the Switch as the DMZ on my router... the game never manages to connect to Ubisoft servers. I have the same issue on Assassin’s Creed Liberation that came in the same game package as AC3 Remastered.

    I really don’t know what to do next.
    I also have Starlink on the Switch and it’s flawlessly working with the Ubisoft Club stuff. It syncs, I earned almost all coins from challenges and game stats/challenge progression is synchronizing perfectly.
    My only issues are with AC3 and Liberation, but I sincerely don’t know what’s wrong.

    I live in Italy, so I have downloaded the game from the European eShop and am playing with Italian voice over. I also downloaded the additional free content from the shop. I don’t know if that may be the cause of my issues and I don’t know how to exclude that content (it get automatically downloaded and installed when I re-download the game).

    I hope someone can help me solve this, I’m missing out some stuff on the Club not being able to sync the game 😞😞

    Thank you
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    Same here

    I've been haveing the same exact issue, I have tried everything and Ubisoft Club still shows me Zero trace of the game being there, still says I have zero games so I have zero idea what the heck to do, I'm getting really iritated with this.

    I can't find anything on the internet about this and it appears That Ubisoft support Dose'nt respond to tickets that quick either according to others who have this issue...
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    Ubi-Trippn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello, When I look at your accounts from my side I can see the game is tracking actions and badges for both of you.
    Toothsaw in your case I can also see that some rewards have been redeemed, have you been able to access the club since posting ?
    If not could you please let me know please.
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    Same Problem

    I can't connect my ubisoft account to assassin's creed 3 on my switch, continuely getting the same "Service Unavailable" error message when I try logging in. It isnt my wifi cause I can log in and run on everything else just fine. Please fix this issue.
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