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    Servers down on ps4...yet again

    This seems to happen more on this game than any other online multiplayer game and it's getting kind of ****ing old now. I pay for a game as well as for PS online just so when it comes to the one day a week when I can get on with my friends, it doesn't work?

    Sort your **** out ffs

    Also.. gotta say I find it hilarious that the official server status thing says it's fine. When all of the independent sites that are used to show server problems across many different games are being flooded with people reporting server problems.
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    ps4 servers down piece of **** ubisoft

    for ****s sake can ubisoft sort their ****ing **** out, learn to run your stupid game all the time or dont run it at all, it always has ******** server problems and it is becoming more frequent so sort it out or im deleting this game of pure trash
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