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    Can't launch the game on the Epic Games Launcher

    I bought this morning Watch Dogs 2 via the launcher Epic Games. To install it, the launcher tells me that I have to login to a Ubisoft account. Not having one, I created one. The window has been closed and on the launcher, I still had to be connected to Ubisoft. So I clicked again, and there were a long load (15 seconds) before asking me to close the window telling me that the connection was successful. When I closed the page, there were a checking window on the launcher, then it closes, and I still had to log in to Ubisoft. I tried this maneuver a dozen times, without success. I do not know what to do anymore, that's why I turn to you.
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    Same here

    Hello, I am having this issue aswell and I hope there is a way of solving this issue.
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    Hello guys,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. Could you please submit a support ticket on our Support Site? A specialist for the game would be able to investigate further and in more detail than I am able to via forums.
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    Fund fix

    Found the Fix! You gotta install it through Uplay after you've already completed the install with EGS ^_^. Here's how to do it.
    Install through EGS( Epic Game Store) - FYI it's currently free 3/21/20
    Then go here in File Explorer : C:\Program Files\Epic Games\WatchDogs\bin
    Then double click the file " Watch_Dogs "
    Log into your Uplay account and follow the prompts when they come up
    Then you should have another 14gb install for the game on Uplay -_-
    After install you will see a new shortcut (If enabled right before install) and enjoy
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    After installing the game on uplay services can I delete the one on the epic games launcher to get my original 14 gb back?
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    Start Uplay client, login to Uplay client, start WD from Epic Game Launcher.
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    Other solution??

    so basically what you mean is you already installed Watch_Dogs in (Egs)

    -Go to Uplay click login etc.
    -Find Watch_Dogs right click it and view game details
    -You can see under the download button there is locate install files
    -Find where you install the file in Egs aka. Watch_dogs and then click it and ok/done.

    this is just a solution where you don't download another 14gb.
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    I installed WD on EG only. I don't remember how i ended up with uPlay launcher on desktop as the PC I'm on was freshly installed a few weeks ago, but I reckon it was from EG install of WD. I started uPlay from desktop.

    I logged into uPlay shortcut on desktop and ran WD from EG launcher. I didn't install WD from uPlay only on EG.
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    Regardless all you probably need to do is download uPlay, install, launch login then install WD only from EG.
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