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    SAM won't award daily login rewards!!


    I have been having issues with SAM not awarding me daily login rewards for games. There are 2 games in paticular, R6: Siege, and GR: Wildlands. I have tried on multiple days and starting those games as my first game of the game, but nothing happens. I know SAM awards these things, since he has given me my Div 2 reward.

    Any information would be appreciated, as I would like to get these.

    Poject Doom
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    RE: Sam daily login

    I have the same issue, but then with the Division 2. The Sam daily login bonus items will not unlock.
    I have reached out to ubisofet support and they told me to reach out to the dedicated forums, so here I am.
    Have you found any luck in solving this peculiar subject?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kevin Slump
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