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    Experiencing an issue? Here's how to report it!

    To submit bug reports, please contact our support team in your game by tapping MORE > OPTIONS > SUPPORT > CUSTOMER SUPPORT or via this link: http://support.ubi.com/cases/new

    We require a Brotherhood name(s) and as many details as possible. If screenshots can be provided, this is ideal. Often issues are resolved after the game is completely closed and re-launched.Our support team will be able to conduct tech troubleshooting for all tech issues (crashing, error messages etc.).

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    When starting the game today, I noticed something was wrong with the power scores of my characters, it was way lower the last time I logged in. I also noticed that all the chambers I build were all gone. After loggin out and back in, the power scores and the characters were back to normal but chambers were still all gone. I tried contacting the support team in game but I always got an error (I tried multiple times), http://support.ubi.com/cases/new is also broken so that is why I post it here.

    Can someone help me with getting the chambers and their upgrades back?