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    Stunned enemies and miss chance.

    Not sure that this is the correct forum to post, but why do our heroes still miss hitting an enemy when they are stunned and not moving? It's all fun and games when Beatriz is mowing down opponents left and right, but when heroes like Luis and Luciano come out to play, and they use their stun abilities, they can still miss even though the enemy is dazed. I understand that the weapon hit rate is still in effect, thus meaning that they can miss a strike regardless of whether a Templar is stunned or not, but it does not make logical sense to miss a still target.
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    Especially when you stun them from behind, so they have no idea what's going on, and the next thing you see is "MISS"........
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    Hit/miss/dodge/crits are just simplified way the combat is done. Just because a game has stunned enemies being auto hit, there are other that treat it different too.

    Myself, I hate games that have a sleep curse/debuff/status inflicted but they can be wakened by an attack. If it was real life, asleep enemies would not wake up as slitting some sleeping dude's throat is real easy.

    The game mechanic works and it looks like you understand how it is working now.

    And by the way, all special kills (purple, pink) are auto hits. I cannot imagine any type of attack auto-hitting but it seems like you guys are ok about that?

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    Well I guess if we really want to fit an explanation for this, it would be that the stun was not as effective on the target.

    Meaning, one guard might have a thinner skull, so when he gets whacked on the head he is totally out of it and gets hit.
    Then once in a while, we run into a guard with a thick skull, and the stun dazes him, and he can move out of the way to avoid the hit.

    But I'm not sure in the game mechanics point of view, if attacks after a stun follows the skill-check percentage (to account for thicker skulls), or if it is treated as a regular attack chance calculation.