I love W_D and just want to see it get better so here is my wish list of functions for Legion and beyond.

1. Let us give money as well as take I've been wanting this function since W_D 1
2. Have a morality system that gives different types of bonuses
3. More choices in the story, I want to make a real impact on the story and the world and not just like do you want a blue or red shirt but choices like which friend do you kill this person or not
4. Let us either be a criminal or vigilante
5. More ways to mess with NPC's like posting horrible things through their social media sites, bricking their phones and see their/others reaction to it.
6. More customization like making my own emblem and not just picking pre-made ones.
7. If you really can control any NPC (I don't know if people have brainchips in this universe but if so) let me like rob a bank and then switch to another NPC and watch how the first NPC reacts to realizing what they've done. And have different reactions depending on if you got away or if you're in the progress of being chased. Let's also go really dark with it and see what would happen if you made them kill someone.
8. Terrorism should be more of a thing in the game like blowing up a car or shooting a bunch of people should have some sort of news impact or something.
9. Let us use guns in a non-lethal way like shooting kneecaps or shooting the guns out of the NPC's hands.
10. Different reactions depending on where you commit crime like shooting a gun in a crowded place vs shooting in an abandoned car park.
11. More realistic police response, they wouldn't blast someone who punched a dude in the face and they wouldn't rush into a building shooting when it's filled with people.
12. On that note let us take hostages and make demands and stuff.
13. Let me join one faction and fight another and let me pick which I join and which I fight.
14. Dynamic events like helping someone fix their car or watching a bank robbery.
15. If it's set in London then have some different English accents in there don't Americanize it like those guys did with AC:Unity
16. Less guns making them more valuable but more impact-full.
17. Let me make enemies surrender by pointing weapons at them or when their alone.
18. Dialogue options like RDR2
19. Let me play as the "bad guy" in the story goes with nr. 4 I guess but let me be evil as well as good.
20. A realistic mode where if you get shot you need to bandage and get to an underground/real hospital where if you go to a real hospital if the underground one can't fix you up you also need to escape from custod.
21. Let me control a police officer and have NPC's react in a realistic way to it. Maybe even let me play like a police where I can pull people over and give them tickets like in those police mods for GTA IV and V.
22. Realistic destruction like blown out windows on nearby houses when cars blow up or glass not breaking in one piece.
23. Better rag-dolling on NPC's
24. Some NPC's should have knifes or guns to defend themselves or others.
25. Maybe if you're playing as a bad guy in story and open world more NPC's will arm themselves
26. No more all seeing eye of the wanted system

That's all I got for now, can't wait to see Legion in action though!