My biggest issues....

1) Sound issue. It's random and you don’t always realize it's happening until it bites you in the a**

2) Ranked matchmaking. Using a team average just encourages boosting and smurfing. They need to make it so squad always plays at rank of highest player.

3) Hit registration. It's terrible. Sometimes I have entire games where I'm hitting people and it's not counting.

4) Lag compensation. People with high ping shouldn’t have an advantage. In fact they should have a disadvantage. Trying to balance just ends up punishing those with good connections.

5) Reverse FF needs to be more consistent. Current someone with RFF active can still throw explosives at you and only get kicked if they actually kill you. They can also run around and destroy gadgets unpunished

6) Reverse FF needs to be squad based. Having a toxic 4 stack that just takes turn TKing you is one of the most miserable experience you can have in this game.