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    AC liberation: Upper Left Bayou

    So I just started playing this for the first time, im collecting all the alligator eggs sense ive read in some posts here that it can bug out, and id rather get them collected sooner rather than the end and end up bugged :/

    When does the upper left part of the bayou open up? The last 3? Eggs I need I think are up in that area.
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    It unlocks during the quest where you have to go to the fort there. Im not entirely sure but i think its Memory 4 or 5 after which you have full access to the bayou

    Also, they wont all show up on your map from the Viewpoints, so youll have to scout a bit for yourself, but they are not hard to find. Especially since you get an audio que once the Alligator is in range

    I completed all the scavenger hunts after returning from Chichen Itzu for the second time. But that was just so i could collect all collectibles in 1 go instead of having to go back to some places after they unlock

    Dont forget that you will have to switch outfits to get access to all collectibles in the bayou You''ll need the slave and assassin outfits But im sure you've done a bit of research beforehand, so im sure you'll find it

    Just finished it at 100% yesterday :P
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