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    which idiot got that arcade mode idea

    really bad mode,some level you cannot even fight with by using assassin
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    It's a co-op mode, designed for two players.
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    It wasn't always designed for 2. The difficulty is still outrageous as well.
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    Some of the scenarios in the quests, especially the weekly ones are insane, one in particular I remember, is survive against 3 opponents, while on fire, for 5 minutes, and your attacks kept you alive. These quests are not balanced around the hero you choose, as they should be adaptive to that.
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    weekly challenges are ******ed and either should be removed or be way easier, took me 2000 tries to beat 1 lvl out of 4 just to realize the next lvl is even harder, and then got kicked due to inactivity while went to get a glass of water
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    Me and a friend play FH quite a bit together. We decided to try Arcade mode out after finishing all of our orders. The amount of loading times compared to gameplay is agonizing and not worth it. It's a shame too because we really love playing the game but once you complete all your orders, it becomes too repetitive so we switch to another game.
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    weird i find it super easy , in fact i wish they make it harder , if its super easy then it becomes boring
    challenging is fun
    also i think you might used low level gears make sure you're using at least the recommended or higher than the quest required gear level
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