I bought this game few days ago. It was on Steam in sale, the Gold edition of Wacth Dogs 2 for 15€, so I couldnīt say no.

The game is great, the story is a fun, city is alive and graphics is so nice. Other thing is optimalization, my laptop donīt get close to recomended specs (i7 6700hq, GTX 960m). Main thing for me is Single Player, but sometimes i get in some random online activities when I turn on the wifi. I can say after 7 days that I played this game that this is one of the best free roam games I ever played.

+ The restricted area members always respawn when you kill them, which is a big plus when you want to meet them again with your stun gun and pick up some money from them
+ Physics, gameplay
+ Lot of interaction with world, people
+ Graphics
+ Cars after you unlock a boost
+ Quest from DedSec app
+ Rating per game system, Hacking activities to find a Key Data
+ Choice of play with non-lethal way, which is good for the location, time and main characters of story
+ Phone apps
+ Online activities in Single Player when they are rated 1 to 2 players (Armored Truck, some misions)

Also I found some things that I wasnīt excited about, and there are some of them..

- The cops difficulty is very high even on easy difficulty in the game, the most annoying thing is helicopter with sniper rifle, when you stop and leave a car to kill the sniper, you have a lot of cops arround you in cars and they start shooting on you, most of the times you get killed, but, if you get away from them, then after a long drive, one of the cops see you in short ammount of time from very long distance and this whole cycle is repeating.
- Lethal takedowns, when you try to play non-lethal
- Optimalization on low end pc (finally it runs smoothly at normal settings, but it was a long time in front of Nvidia Control Panel, then GeForce experience, now it run smooth. If there was option for turning off the Shadows, lot of time for players with weaker PC will be saved.
- The Weapon Wheel (in Watch Dogs 1 was four guns to choose, there is only three). Even for non-lethal players there is possible usage of 4 guns (Stun gun, Air Shotgun, Sniper stun rifle, Paint ball gun)
- Paint ball gun dont have much of ammo (you got 60/120 rounds which is 180 rounds) To get down an enemy, you need at least 20 rounds. For Paintbal gun in this game, I would gave it 60/unlimited rounds, so you have to reload after shooting out whole magazine, but you will have an unlimited ammount of magazines and the Gun and the Game itself will be more enjoyable
- Stun gun is restricted in weapon wheel, players that want to play only lethal way canīt change it to normal pistol
- Gangs donīt call reinforcments, you donīt get more of heat from them, even when you firing from pistol to their cover (but itīs maybe because I did only few Main Missions in the game, last one was with Jimmy Siska and New Dawn Church) I would rather fight with gangs and this security guys than a police, itīs moraly better
- The Car handling model could be used from Driver San Francisco, but it is too much to ask (this last one is not possible, even in the wildest dreams)
- The flashing hackable object, I think itīs bringing too much attention sometimes and it could be turned off like auto-targeting line in HUD options, so when you want to know which object to hack, you only see a dot on that object and it wouldnīt flash anymore (sometimes my frame rate goes down when there were many objects that flash like wild, but it can be because of the weak pc setup I have)

So thatīs my view of this game, and I am happy that I can play it today, after all the updates that it came through when it firstly came out. I am playing it with Xbox One controller, the controls are good, all the parkour, colors, architecture, petting dogs and stunning people with stun gun.

If most of these possible features that I mentioned up there were in the game, I would give this game score 10/10 for the best singleplayer game I ever played.
But it donīt have these things, but still itīs an amazing game, and itīs still the best free roam single player shootout game I played in my life, so I am giving it score 8,7/10.

Thank you for reading. If some of creators read it, thank you for making this game and making it better with dlcīs and updates and I hope that Watch Dogs 3 will be the game of the year when it cames out.