Welcome back to the PTS! Starting Tuesday, June 4th at 16:00 CEST, 10:00 AM EDT, 07:00 AM PDT Title Update 4 will become available for testing on Uplay PC.

Title Update 4 is still very much in active development and additional bug fixes and balancing changes will be made prior to its release. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we highly encourage you to head over to the PTS Forums to give us your thoughts on new features, balancing changes and to report any bugs you might encounter.

With all that in mind we want to highlight some key areas that we would like you to specifically keep an eye out while testing and provide us feedback on these:

Our first post-launch specialization will be introduced with Title Update 4 and PTS feedback will help us to fine tune it before its release. As the primary focus of the PTS, we are looking for feedback on all things Gunner – including the signature weapon, skill tree, overall balance and the new grenade type.

Special Field Research will task you with a number of in-game challenges that upon completion will unlock the new Specialization. Year 1 Pass owners will automatically unlock the new Specialization and also have the opportunity to take on these challenges to earn unique cosmetic rewards. We are looking for general feedback and to identify any potential bugs before its release.

Note: All PTS participants will have immediate access to the specialization to ensure that we can collect as much feedback as possible. Year 1 Pass ownership will not be a requirement during the PTS.

Remember to head over to the PTS forums to provide us with any feedback you might have!

/ The Division Team