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    AC Odyssey - A Friend Worth Dying For Quest has Glitched NPCs

    I attempted to play the mission from The Lost Tale of Greece collection titled, A Friend Worth Dying For. The mission's starting point in a restricted area, so all the guards SHOULD be on alert and aggressive. This was not the case, as I was able to just walk up to the quest NPC without any issues.

    I spoke to this NPC thinking maybe that would kick start things, and I'm given several other NPCs to kill. However, none of them are aggressive, and NONE of them will take damage of ANY kind. I have no way to kill them whatsoever.

    No need to recreate the issue because it is ongoing. I have restarted the quest, loaded an older save and then started the quest, I have started the quest from different locations where it gives you the option to start, and I still have this issue.

    I am playing on the PS4.

    Here is a video clip of my problem. Cutscene included for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-MN...ature=youtu.be
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    Same bug

    I’ve got the same problem I can kill all but the brute he takes no damage just walks around it’s the only trophy I need to get 100% game complete
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