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    Unlocking Asia Level Bug

    Hi, I Bought the game 3 day ago, and enjoyed the first few tracks so far but i completely cleaned all the euro starter cup and the Asia level doesn't unlock
    The first Time i did the 8th finali was alone on the track (really weird). When i did it again i was against AI opponent.
    The first time i did the 4th final i was also alone on the track (also weird). I trie it again after and i was again AI opponent .
    and then when i did the final i was not alone and i won the track.
    When i press A to acess the Asia Beginner it redirect me to the euro starter cup like if hadn't clean the level or achieved an objective but i've cleaned everything on the map.

    Some Weird stuff append aswell like whenever i do a Challengers track if i won it tell me that it has a problem with the Ubisoft server and doesn't give me reward (the challenge just disapear and another one appear elsewhere on the map)

    I tried to give as much information that i could but in my case screenshot are complicated to provide and not very helpfull in my opinion.

    Cordially, Help me Please.
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    Hey, apologies for not seeing this earlier.

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

    This is the correct order for unlocking leagues:

    League 1 - American Rookies - Schoolyard Brawl
    League 2 - Euro Starter Cup - Stable Swede
    League 3 - Asian Novice - Siberian Learnings
    League 4 - Asian Masters - Bali Forever
    League 5 - Euro Semi Pro - Highland FLing
    League 6 - American Trials League - Montreal Mayhem
    League 7 - Pro Tour C - Monster Mash
    League 8 - Pro Tour B - Bull Session
    League 9 - Pro Tour A - Trials Trophy
    League 10 - R.A.C.E. - Grand Finale

    Have you tried re-completing the Stable Swede finals to see if that forces Asian Novice to unlock?
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