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    To be frank we dont know if FC5.5 even exists, it is all speculation based on a 4chan leak and studio information from the developers own website. The information on the studios website is vague in detail but it does mention a new Far Cry project.

    I'm hoping for an Arcade F2P title that has more game modes, improved lobbies and scripting that allows triggers to give players points to win matches or even use those points to 'buy' things within the match and PVE modes.
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    From the reply to same question on Reddit
    I would hope that it's an Arcade overhaul that allows solo / coop maps and multiplayer (but just guessing)

    12 players in multiplayer wasn't really enough especially when Far Cry Instincts and FC2 was 16 players, Far Cry 3 on Console was 14 and on PC 18 so would love to see the player count upped to at least 16.

    With Coop would love to see 4 player coop that allows scripting and enemies but also the option to play with or against each other, it worked with Doom SnapMap and Goldeneye so why couldn't some players be happy and design maps for 2-4 players PvP with different modes or to work together and maybe even have a horde style where they have checkpoints and at set areas get attacked or have escape or race style maps again look at Mario Cart I believe Far Cry could have the most amazing race mode.

    With PvP you need better game modes.
    Capture The Flag
    Free For All DM
    But also allow modifiers to alter slightly how the mode can be played / changed so DM / TDM to be played as last man / last team standing, allow CTF to be played as attack or defend where one flag so either you start with it and just have to get it back or you get to it and return - this would be attack or defend (or play it as the default standard way)
    Domination you could have a modifier so only one station is active at a time and once captured it disappears and the next one appears, should allow stations all in the same place to create a King Of The Hill style mode.

    I am seeing it / guessing that the is as some have said an upgrade so with that I really would want to see existing maps be allowed to open in an upgraded editor so we could add in extras / add new game modes or change things that would be a very smart move by Ubisoft if they could allow that.

    The hosting for multiplayer now is better than at launch but it needs further work, everyone loved Far Cry 2 hosting so the company should get as close to that as they can.
    Allow us to see the map name been hosted, number of players in the game, hosts name and mode been played.
    Allow us to alter the time on maps so if I want to play for 5,10,15 mins let this happen and if people want to play escape maps for a long time allow that, the option to create a play list so say 10 maps in a list and you play through them one after another or if needed you can go back to lobby and change if the map isn't good (so end match early)

    Possibly consider a kick player if they are disruptive but I saw lost of abuse with this so should only be the host who has that ability and allow the host to extend the match once per map if required.

    Some maps could work with lots of different weapons so maybe players would want all pistols or all rocket launchers, although I like the way we can make weapon load-outs it would still be good to have further options.

    Vehicles re-spawning is a must, also would like more generic shapes so some already made with arches, more fences and items that can't be destroyed (FC5 had amazing destructibility with the editor but wish we could select on items Destructible / Moveable / Static)

    Would like to see some dynamic weather so it changes during the match not through a script just standard.
    We need snow / snow mobiles, bring back the hovercraft and motorcycle (New Dawn)
    More skins for players and clothing that we can purchase, vehicle and weapons skins for purchase.

    Map Builders need sponsoring so get say 50 for each platform and whenever these make a map it goes into a set area so is available for everyone to see, also allow us to fav map builders and get a prompt whenever they publish a new map.

    After you play a map let us add it to favorites and have an icon to like (no dislike needed) also play another map by this author option.
    The Tags that we apply to maps if we could add these when searching so if I pick Race or Stealth or Space it throws out those map suggestions to try.

    New Dawn had a better way with Outposts when completed you can play again but harder so allow us to do this say easy / normal / hard and the enemies auto upgrade from easy to difficult to hard.
    Let us have some reasons to replay a map so maybe fastest time completed, most head-shots, most kills then let the map display the Global Best and top 3 of your friends list so if you beat a friend they get a message prompt telling them giving them a reason to replay the map to try to beat your time.
    Allow the New Dawn assets as a Theme for the Editor they had some really cool stuff, also throw in some other themes from Ubi Games say Rainbow Six / Wildlands / The Division and when it releases Far Cry 6, also some vehicles from The Crew 2 or Wildlands.

    Make it free to play and make up the money from weapon / vehicle / player skins and costumes.
    Also allow people to view our profile so it shows the number of maps we have played in each mode and most played map for each mode, also allow us to make a playlist to recommend and to nominate our fave map for each mode and let us see which of the maps we have published is the most played / best rated.

    Solo / Coop also needs a checkpoint system and / or a way to have a second chance or more lives so when you die you can carry on.

    Give Multiplayer Jump / Launch pads / Teleporters / Power Ups and other things.
    I could go on and on all day but guessing not many will read all that

    So hope is that if the rumor is true then Far Cry 5.5 by Ubi Berlin is a continuation of Arcade with mode.
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    Fallen Champ, I'm going to add your suggestions to my Far Cry 6 Wishlist.
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