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    [Suggestion] UI scaling, and camera zoom-out


    First, I want to thank developers for great game with awesome climate, great work . But these days there are multiple monitors, different resolutions, various size...and GUI has no scaling options. It would be very helpfull to add such option to the menu of the game.

    I experineced Anno 1800 on two 1080p monitors (24' and 27'), one 1440p (31') and one 4k (35,5', every monitory with 16:9 proportions). The best experience was on 1080p 24', menu, buttons, animated guide's, text fields, and other elements of GUI were not too small and not too big, very readable, on 27' I felt like GUI could be a bit smaller. BUT, on larger monitors, when there is plenty of screen for game, GUI is oversized, it makes impossible to enjoying wide field of view when GUI is covering +-20% of the screen, and also camera zoom-out is limited to much, so its impossible deal with that by zooming-out.

    To sum up, having high resolution display, with high pixel density, allows to scale down quite a lot without losing readability, some players definitely would enjoy GUI scaling, and maby a bit larger zoom-out..

    Thank you
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    Hey @Rafalinios!

    Welcome to the forums
    Thanks for providing this suggestion for us.

    I'm sure other players would agree that your idea is pretty solid. Sometimes a "extra" zoom out is just a really useful feature to have.

    - Scottie
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    Only why isn't it available (slider or some other solution to make UI smaller) after almos 6 months.....
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