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    Hi to all,

    i was playing Combat over Europe, and in a mission with 190a8 we engage b17 formation, it´s incredible the great punishment they can bear in their engines, and the efectiveness of the machine gunners at very long distances and high speeds, i burst at him more than 2 seconds rounds to a wing and only a few smoke!!??

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    welcome to earth, B17 are buggers to get down, aim for the engines and make them burn, after a while the crew bails hopefully... the bombers i got down was thrue burning engines... so try that, just a small burst in the wing wont do nothing...
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    Come in fast, and come in from above. Don't give the gunners more chances than you need to.

    Oh, and use the heaviest armament available and hope there is no escort!
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    Any attempt to come in from directly behind is an easy shot although the gunner face agreater risk of getting killed.
    I often man the gunnerseat online when an enemy is trying to catch up from behind.
    I often hear that the ai are snipers online but I do a much better job.
    Atleast my ai gunners usually shoot everywhere but on the enemy....dont know why exactly.
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    The AI in the game is too good If it was ever that effective in real life, there'd be no need for fighter escorts.

    To deal with B-17s, use long convergence (500m) and 30mm gun pods. Dive on them and fire a solid burst at convergence with everything you've got, but break off before you get under 300m and try again. Since cannon rounds have stored chemical energy, they're almost as effective at 500m as at 100m, assuming you can hit.
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    I see your problem. You should be using Battle over Europe! Joking!

    Here's a lucky FW190 pilot that has strong cannnons, a slashing pass on the target, and he HATES RUDDERS!!

    He's still steamed about the 4.01 patch!

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