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    Last person to unlock achievement for Weekly challenge was on October 12, 2020.
    It has been 126 days and counting since the last time someone unlocked this achievement.
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    It has been 127 days and counting since the last time someone unlocked this achievement.
    Yet it remains on the Xbox live Marketplace at 26.99$ CDN

    On sale, it appears at 7.99$

    A good deal if you are in the market for a defective game.
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    127 days and counting

    The Daily and Weekly challenges are not back as of today February 26, 2021.

    127 days without any Daily or Weekly challenges.
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    127 days???

    Nope. It has been 128 days.
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    It has been 129 days since anybody has unlocked a Weekly challenge.

    A Daily challenge should appear daily.

    A Weekly challenge should appear weekly.

    From game launch these challenges didn't appear with any regularity.

    A better name for the Daily challenge would have been the Once-in-a-Blue-Moon challenge.

    The weekly challenge should have been called the once in a month of a Sundays challenge.
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    I understand the frustration, but please don't bump threads.
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    Challenge achievements

    ]I bought the game on sale hoping to complete it but am now unable too because the daily and weekly challenges aren't active.
    Please fix this issue as i know lots of people including myself would like to collect all the achievements in this game
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    Yes please fix this, there’s a lot of people that want that achievement!!
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