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    Space Monkey Report #5 Livestream

    Hi, Space Monkeys!

    The next Space Monkey Report is scheduled for June 5th. And you won't want to miss it! Check all the details here:

    See you soon!
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    Thank you guys so much I’m very hyped to see what you guys have to show us!!!!! This news made my whole week bro LETS GOOOO
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    Can t wait !!
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    Nice!! Can't wait to see more details!
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    RE: Space Monkey Report #5 Livestream

    Ready for the livestream! Hope you all find time to join your fans and indulge us with updates. Let's hit this one out of the ballpark and make a great name!
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    To be honest, it would be deceiving to me if nothing about the "always online" controversy is even mentioned. I said this previously, but I don't want to play a game which will be unplayable in 5-10 years. BGE1's current situation is extremely sad.

    Please, don't make it always online, and port BGE HD to PC!
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    I agree. They should definitely mention something about the online controversy because many bge 1 players (like me), that they're apparently trying to appeal, are upset with this.
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    By the way, that is just one part. I'm not buying it because I don't want to think what will happen if I love it as BGE1, and at some point I can't play it anymore.

    But certainly, many other people also will want a explanation about this:


    Michel Ancel: "It’s very important to say that you can play offline if you want. You will be able to have this feeling of living a story with characters and places […] but we want to invite people to play with friends."

    A lot of fans taked for granted it would be true, and in any case, it is hard to understand how something "very important" was scrapped altogether as if it weren't important at all.
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    Bro ok I understand some players want “offline” play but I mean what’s the difference when you need an Internet connection for a system update or game update. You could still be online and play BY YOURSELF some of y’all be crying and complaining over things that DO NOT MATTER. I’m hyped for this game and that’s all you guys should care about just enjoy the f**kin game bruh
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    I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy the game. Actually, I didn't complain at all. As I said, I wish the game be successful to revitalize the franchise.

    What is the difference? Well, things have changed. Maybe it does not matter to you, but it is not too far-fetched if it matters to other fans (which will include some of the players of BGE for sure, but also new ones). Hopefully the game will live up your expectations.

    I was very hyped too. Now I'm just following all this, because the change let me down a lot. We will see what this brings...
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