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    New RS player

    I formally started private lessons last year.

    I picked up RS to augment my lessons and hopefully speed up learning.

    RS is certainly not as intuitive as I would imagine. It's going to take some getting used to it. Right now, I'm more comfortable with sheet music than tablature and RS is neither. Still plan to stick to it through. Bought the Santana and Blue Oyster Cult DLC. Definitely want to learn those songs.

    I use my Gibson LP (it's not a high end one, just a Faded T) for the guitar, but I have an Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic-electric as well I might try out.
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    Welcome, aboard!
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    Nice! Welcome!
    The notation system is a bit trick in the end, but don't worry! You'll get the hang of it in no time if you keep at it^^
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    Welcome. You are 2 steps ahead being able to read tab & sheet music when it comes to learning/playing guitar. Rocksmith is a ton of fun once you get used to it!
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