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    Short changed by Shorty

    First off, I have 4 charcters and only one of them has crafted the nemesis. I put that nemesis in my stash and now any character that wants to get parts to craft it cannot make the bosses drop the parts they should be dropping.

    Can you please answer a few questions:

    Are exotics account wide or character specific?

    Does having an exotic in my stash affect the drop rate of the parts for the character that crrafted it or others that have yet to craft it (either intentionally or unintentionally)

    Is the exotic part drop a chance or a guarantee from bosses?

    Why can't I pick up another sniper rifle to deconstruct for the Tally part?
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    The other reason i can think of why the part from Shorty didn't drop for me is because that is the exact same part that is missing from my resources inventory since TU3.

    As I said previously, I would like to get that part back please, if the boss won't drop it then maybe the devs can fix what they broke with TU3.
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    Thank you for finally fixing the bug with Shorty not dropping the nemesis part.

    After the latest update I went through the Roosevelt island mission again with the hope that the problem was fixed, and it is.

    Thanks once again.
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    I apologize for the late response Maverati. I am glad the part dropped for you
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    is this still an issue? i just ran roosevelt on challenging and bolt did not drop???
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    I have been trying to get this part on my only character for three months. Shorty will not drop the bolt. DEVS PLEASE FIX!!!!
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    If the Nemesis is in your character's inventory or your stash, none of the parts will drop. This applies to all craftable Exotic projects - if you have a Chatterbox on your character or in your stash, you will not be able to get parts from those Hyena Boxes. Same with the Liberty and Nemesis.

    If you want to get parts for say, a Nemesis, move any Nemesis you have on that character or in your stash to a completely different character. This will allow the crafting quest to continue.
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