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    Lost Hope For This Game


    I cannot play this game anymore. Sorry, but this game has gone so far downhill in the past couple seasons. No one plays with skill or actual game knowledge anymore except for like maybe 2% of the player base. I have fought nothing but bash heroes since the end of season 8, and it seems like every new hero and reworked hero is easier and easier to use. The attack spam is unbelievable as well. I use to be able to counter spam easily, but the servers have been slipping on Xbox and no one seems to care. Everyone has over 60 ping (which is normal for Xbox, but it does not work like any other game.) and it fluctuates way up and down constantly throughout the fight. People are getting kicked from games all the time and I don't get after-game loot or xp half the time because the servers stop responding. Duels is the best performing game mode, but it gets boring after a while. Brawls is filled with the scummiest people to ever pick up a Xbox controller and will resort to ganking when they are losing, or rematch and pick the broken Raider just to boost their easily damaged self-esteem. 4's is ok, but is always filled with new heroes so its not always the best choice. Most people who play are complete casuals, and will pick faster reacting heroes so they can stab you with lights for an eternity and side dodge counter attack any time you try to throw something new at them. They are making the game easier for casuals I feel, and someone like me who mainly plays with HL or Warlord have a hard time having any fun. I don't want to have to play as Hitokiri or BP or Raider just so I can have fun again.

    The devs seem like they are smoking crack over there because EVERYONE is BEGGING for a Raider fix, but they are too focused on further nerfing heroes that DON'T NEED A NERF! Am I going crazy here? Are they going to get rid of Highlander's hyper armor next update too? Is there some sort of hidden developer knowledge that im just not understanding? I know that coding is a very difficult and touchy thing, but how hard can it be for a studio that has been doing it for so long? I cant play this game anymore because there is no such thing as "Getting Gud" anymore. The people who say that are the ones ruining the game along with the casuals asking for nerfs/buffs when they are not necessary. I still, and most likely will always have a soft spot for For Honor because its completely original and there are not really any other games were you can play as a Viking and murder plebs, but my anger and frustration with the game is overshadowing any ounce of fun I still get out of it. Its the developer's game, so they can do what they feel is right, but the direction they have been heading has been the wrong one from a long time player's perspective. Maybe one day I can come back and it will be more playable, (and I hope that day comes) but the game, in its worst state since launch as it is now, is dead to me.
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    I've been feeling the same way lately, the game has become so fast that it's become much less enjoyable, there is zero commitment to any attack, everything can be cancelled or soft feinted at the very last moment, it's just mentally exhausting for me, it's lost it's fun.
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    That is why I take shelter in PvAI.....there is no the same amount of fun or challenge but there is less amount of pain...

    For those who plan to leave the game, I would you suggest to try that for a while, play against bots but keep getting some fun for a while......maybe (just maybe) our complaints would be addressed and some changes could come in the future.....

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    Playing less and less atm, dominion is a sluggggg fest and I like playing assassins -_-

    I read somewhere it's the last year that Ubisoft will own this game so we can live and hope -_-

    Good night Vienna !!
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    Still less players play this game xD And what do ubisoft ? New Op classes totaly broken raider rework and more players leaving game . Ranked Duel is total ******** xD in game without balance . Just look on that ****ty raider right now who play raider ? from hard class on play they make class for noobs they can only spam lights xD Ubisoft piss on players they cant hear what we say ... Testers must be totaly ******ed and same ubisoft
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    Realistic Mode is the answer...drop indicators all together
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    really? they might sell it? maybe thats why they don't give a **** about what we say. only problem is this ubisoft experience has made me not want to ever buy or play any other ubisoft games in the future. so its hurting the game of for honor to players and making people think twice about getting into ubisoft games in the future. bad business decisions to me.

    maybe ill come back to the game after they sell it and the new team will listen to us.
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    Hey guys, don't be too critical or UbiInsulin will say it is hate speech and close the thread. Because this is obviously the best way to listen to the community..
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