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    Open World for "For Honor"

    I mean this would be kinda cool if it happen, always wanted a Viking, Samurai, Knight, etc (Other class) in a Open World game.

    Would be cool if player can choose their faction and stuff or maybe become all by learning all the skill and stuff but overall an Open World for something like For Honor would be awesome.

    I thought the Story mode was cool, but it was very short as I was able to finish the whole thing in a Single Day.
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    I think that what it was meant to be at first....

    Not sure but by the first preview trailer i saw in 2016 we all tought that is what it was going to be....

    Anyway... i could imagine some kind of for honor x world of warcraft mixed....

    Where we must choose between samurai
    Viking , knight and way many more type of faction....

    Instead of alliance and horde

    And do quest pve CooP Ginding gear leveled up stats , PvP duel and A whole PvP zone too kinda like the dark zone in division... etc

    Pets, Mount etc
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    I agree ,that my dream too mate ^^
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    I feel like this game has so much untapped co op PvE potential, the fighting system feels great, the graphics are top notch, but playing other players is where the game starts to suffer. That's when the cheesy gameplay and tactics start ruining it.

    If we had some fun, challenging PvE, something like the story mode, but with random objectives and maps, kind of like the underground mode in Division 1, that would be awesome, I wouldn't even care about PvP.

    If it were open world PvE it would be buying it for sure. If For Honor 2 plays like For Honor does currently, I'll probably pass on it. I don't have the reflexes of a teenager any more, I can't parry lights or react to near instant soft feints, pretty much done with FH now.
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    I don't think it will be a great idea

    You must have a charming universe in your lore like League of Legends for example .
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    If it were to be an absolver type open world that would be fun especially if the ai was built well enough to avoid the current bot's problems. Would have very interesting potential for the faction war.
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    I mean I wasn't thinking of PvE kinda Open World, but I think any sort of Open World heavily focus on it would shine on the game alot

    And it even include alot of things that people are into anyway so its pretty much a Win Win lol
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    I would love a mix of for Honor and Conan Exiles. This fighting system but a huge open world where you build a home/castle, control minions as an army, have raids vs others. Conan is great for world building but the PVP fighting is horrid. The faction war map has a good idea for the landscapes and scope of the world and in the story mode there are different lands as you go thru it. It would be great for a For Honor 2 or another developer. There just ahs to be something to do in the world. I'm playing Just Cause 4 now and sure it is a huge map but so little to do.
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    I have always felt that this game´s combat system would be more than welcomed in a skyrim like game
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    Open world with both PVE and PVP options within it is the ultimate for Honor it would be Epic
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