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    How to rank up?


    I'm currently ranked 59th worldwide. However, nothing I do in the game ranks me up anymore.
    The screen where the ranking updates always stays the same (+0 +0 +0). Have been playing for
    3 days now and I didn't even gain a single place worldwide. I agree that we aren't allowed to know
    all the details about the ranking system, but me (and other players) don't know anything at all.
    All we can say is that driving the campaign and challenges ranks us up. I can't drive online to rank up:
    I'm level 9 and these rooms are empty. So my question is: what do I need to do to
    rank up further?

    - Is it necessary to continue driving trackmaster medals on the Campaign to rank up or can I accomplish this through only driving Challenges?

    - Is it necessary to play Super Solo to rank up? What I mean is: do I need medals in Super Solo mode to rank up further or can I accomplish this through only driving Challenges?

    - Can I rank up on Challenges I created myself?

    - When I play Challenges of other players do I only rank up when their Challenges are level 9 (my level)?

    This is maybe more a technical issue, but around 83th place worldwide the ranking didn't improve anymore ingame.
    However quitting the game, waiting about 30mins and restarting the game did update the ranking, but only until 59th place.
    Now it also doesn't update anymore when quitting the game and reloading.


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    You gain points for your ranking by playing the solo campaign and online on servers.
    I also invite you to read the FAQ: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...ion-Look-here!

    Happy Gaming!
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    I'm sorry, but everybody already knows that. It doesn't answer anything in my original PM, neither does it solve my issue.You are avoiding every question about ranking in every thread I found on this forum and I know why. I repeat, I KNOW.
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    For someone who is ranked "59th" in the world i would think they would understand that to ank up higher you need to have a higher medal count. Obviously these people have more trackmaster medals than you.
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