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    Originally Posted by Sneakly20 Go to original post
    It is known that hito first heavy is very safe or at the least promotes heavy defensive play. If the hyper armor activated later in the heavy then I think that is a good start.

    However she’s not in a strong spot overall because her kit doesn’t work well with itself. Her kick sweep mixup isn’t a mixup if spacing and a backdodge avoids the whole thing. Or a back dodge to roll. Her forward dash heavy isn’t fast enough to used reliably and her zone needs to combo.

    I’m almost all for getting rid of her beginning hyper armor to give it to every chain heavy. Her unblockable heavies don't have that much tracking and most of not all of her moves have little to no extended hit boxes for group fights.

    I personally think on button press that the kick should come out instead of her going into her ducking stance first. The damage can even be thrown to 25 for that.

    She also has a weird interaction with sweep. I believe she originally meant to get an unsafe heavy to begin with but then they changed it to a light because she stares at the opponent before the light comes out. On top of that the light itself is unsafe.

    My last thing is I think her 4th feat needs increased tracking because it’s far too easy to avoid the attack in MOST cases. It does however need to do less damage to the commander. I understand though a clutch play or even a plan to use it effectively. Also I do think that it should be something that must be dodged. I don’t think you should be able to be bashed out of it.

    The first feat that gives shield needs to be buffed mechanically. Bash and bombs I understand but you shouldn’t be able to be GB out of that feat.
    I can forward this feedback on to the team. Seeing more people bring up how Hitokiri plays defensively.

    Originally Posted by CandleInTheDark Go to original post
    Oh this old gem again if you're good enough 1vx to antigank with anyone you are good enough to with orochi, just came out of a game where I killed everyone facing me as orochi in a 1v3 and I'm not particularly that good.

    There are a lot of people in line before orochi, pretty sure that centurion and shinobi have one coming given the devs want to get rid of pinning pinning moves like sickle rain and eagle's talon but because of resistance to this kind of thing they only do that in reworks now and peacekeeper and nobushi, who went from top or middle to dead bottom with theirs are more on need than a hero that went from bottom to middle of the road.
    This is not a commentary on what the devs have in mind, but I will say that community requests to look at Orochi are pretty common these days.
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    Ubi trying to take away defensive play from the game.... create a new character that promotes nothing bud defensive play for anyone fighting her... I play orochi as well and dominion is currently not a place for him / her unless you are on form that imo goes across the board for most assassins (shaman manages and zerker imo isn't an assassin)

    I agree cent will have changes pretty soon, he's got such an old play style that just grinds people which they want rid off.... I don't see Shinobi getting anything soon and IMO the only thing that makes Peacekeeper difficult to play atm is the issues being brought about to the assassin class by giving everyone HA and assassins having no clear benefit to living the " reflex guard " dream...
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