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    Patch for Assassin's Creed 3 framerate and bugs?

    The framerate slows to a crawl when there's too much action on screen like fights, chases etc. Drops happen througout Boston as well. Also the audio is really crackled at some points. Can we expect to see a patch addressing these issues?
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    I doubt the framerate can be patched. The FPS was like this on platforms like the PS3 and Xbox 360.
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    Hey mike_nt777,

    Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the forums!

    Are you able to provide any video of your frame-rate issues, so we can pass this along to the dev team?
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    Agreed! I bought it and it runs okay in handheld mode (still some issues) but it gets pretty rough in docked mode. A patch fixing audio issues and some improvement to performance would be appreciated. Personally, I would prefer it to run in 900p docked and perform better.
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    Originally Posted by sudocoffee Go to original post
    Personally, I would prefer it to run in 900p docked and perform better.
    It is quite possible that the biggest problem is the CPU speed. The older Assassin's Creed games were rather CPU heavy on PC, I would assume the same is true on console. In that case, lowering resolution would not do anything to the frame rate, as the CPU would still be the limiting factor.
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    This game just needed more optimization / more skilled porting team.
    This is clearly the result of a team that don’t have much experience with the Switch. Other than frame rate issues and the audio stuttering (which honestly is ridiculous; can’t believe no one in the team could find a way to fix it. The Wii U is less powerful and has a much better audio ), the game has lots of bugs.
    This is apparently a quick cash-grab port, unfortunately. This game deserves better caring.
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